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February 2016

Found 2 blog entries for February 2016.

Many people turn to surveillance cameras as a way to make their home and office more secure. There are so many different types of security measures on offer, however, that it can be hard to know which is the right type of equipment for your needs. This article explores the different security measures and tools available and what the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are. 

CCTV cameras can be attached to the outside of the building, can be placed over the door step, can be placed inside or can be entirely hidden from view. There are even dummy cameras available that provide a good deterrent aspect but don’t actually incur any additional cost of filming. All cameras that can be seen work well as a deterrent. A burglar is far less likely to break

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Many people have asked this question:

“When does the spring real estate market actually begin?”

Looking out the window at the snow and ice, it may seem premature to ask this question, but I’d say that the spring market actually starts as early as the beginning of February. Granted, the number of listings and sales this early in the year are not likely to match the level of activity we see in March, April & May. Never-the-less, there’s generally a spike in activity in February and it’s certainly the start of a market that will grow over the coming months.

Some others feel that the spring market does not really begin until the month of March. There may be some truth to this in the sense that March is generally when we start to see signs of warmer

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