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Spring and summer was a very busy seller’s market, but don’t think you missed the boat by waiting to sell until the fall/winter. The market is still hot!

November may have its advantages to make it an ideal time to sell. Some buyers may have been waiting with the intent to avoid the fierce competition in the busier months, or in anticipation of a better deal. But the market is still hot, and inventory is even lower. If other sellers don’t think of the winter as an ideal time to sell, their loss of a potential buyer could be your gain! Serious buyers have fewer house options over the holidays, which means less competition for you as a seller!

If you price your home right, and make every effort to show it in a superior way, your property will

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A lot of residents are unclear about their eligibility under Ontario Disaster Recovery Assistance Program. So we looked into it for you.

Our research says that if your flood damage was due to sewer backup (which is true for the vast majority), then you are only eligible under the program if you  meet the criteria for provisions for low-income households. Please verify this directly with the program, as this is intended as a guide and is not to be relied solely upon.

Summary of the Ontario Disaster Recovery Assistance Program & How To Apply:

The Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians provides assistance to individuals, small owner-operated businesses, farmers and not-for-profit organizations. Help to cover the costs of cleaning, repairing

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Fall is a great time to prepare your home. Keep costs down by following these tips.

  • Start with the interior of the home by checking for drafts around windows and door. Use a candle and if the flame flickers there’s most likely a draft. Replace seals and repair caulking as necessary and / or consider buying heavier or insulated drapery.
  • Don’t forget to test your home safety devices. Replace batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices. Make sure they’re working properly.
  • Have your furnace inspected by an HVAC professional. They’ll test for leaks, check efficiency and change the filter. If your home has central air conditioning, it may be necessary to cover your outdoor unit for winter. Programmable thermostats are a great
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In light of recent events, I find myself wondering how prepared we would be in the case of an emergency. We have all heard about someone who is hyper-prepared for anything: with months of freeze-dried food and hundreds of cases of water and an industrial-powered generator. Obviously that is overkill, but how prepared is prepared enough? And would you know what to do in the case of a disaster? So I did some research and I'd like to share it with you.

It is advisable to learn about the various emergencies and disasters that can happen in your particular area. In our area, we don't have to worry about earthquakes and hurricanes, but we should be prepared for the possibility of power outage or and maybe flooding, depending on your specific area. Then

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During the recent weather, many homes were saved because they had the benefit of a backwater valve, and/or sump pump. Many municipalities offer assistance under Backwater Valve Subsidy Programs for the installation of backwater valve and/or sump pump, as well as work related to disconnecting foundation drains from floor drains. If you do not have these features in your home, we recommend you look into it right away.


For City of Windsor Residents:

How to apply for the City of Windsor Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program: 

Step 1: Fill out this application and send to or mail to:

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program
Engineering - Development, Projects and R.O.W.
350 City Hall Square West, Suite

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Preparing to put your home on the market takes a lot of work. You may have to do serious de-cluttering, spotless cleaning, fresh painting or home staging. But what about outside? Nice landscaping isn’t just icing on the cake – it’s an investment that pays off. Several studies have shown that landscaping can add anywhere from 4% to 15% to the value to your home, and speed up its sale by as much as six weeks.

’Tis the season

The housing market is hottest in the spring and summer. This means that your property is on full display and that outdoor living is more top-of-mind for buyers. They want to envision themselves enjoying the home inside and out for all four seasons.

Landscaping 101

Many people don’t realize that landscaping is a

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Buying or selling real estate can be challenging enough at any time; but a hot seller's market is a whole new level of potential stressors — for both buyers and sellers. The supply of homes is low, demand is high, and sellers are often navigating complicated, multiple offer situations. Similarly, buyers are often left drying their eyes with the broken shards of their rejected bid.

Tips for Buyers:


To succeed in a seller’s market, you have to make house hunting a priority. Treat house hunting like job hunting: regularly scour listings and commit to a Realtor® whom you trust and has a proven track record. It doesn't cost you anything to have someone representing you, and it comes with a host of benefits, most importantly that you will have

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I want to focus specifically on the mistakes that I see many young people making today regarding real estate and offer some real world strategies for overcoming these concerns.


Whether or not you own any property yet, these tips should help you navigate the often muddy (but often profitable) world of real estate.

1.) Living With Mom And Dad Too Long

Admit it, as you are reading this, someone’s face is coming to mind.. and maybe it’s yours?

If you are staying with Mom and Dad simply to escape the reality that you are grown up, it’s time to grow up and get a job, start paying your bills and meet the world. The only exception I make to this rule is if you are living at home to save money or get out of debt.. but if that’s you, don’t use

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The internet is full of “hacking tips.” I’m sure you’ve seen them, with clever tricks like storing your pancake mix in old ketchup bottles or dipping your Oreos with a fork through the frosting. Sure, those are fun little tricks – but how much do they really improve your life?

Today I want to share a “life hack” that, when properly implemented, can have a dramatic effect on your wallet and the financial destiny of your family. This is much more than simple tricks or ideas to shave five minutes off your work day.

This is epic, life changing stuff.

I’m talking about hacking your housing and living for free. I’m talking about building wealth automatically and getting paid to do it. I’m talking about buying an owner-occupied multifamily

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Older Canadians work longer, live longer and consider retirement as their life’s reward to be relished, not as a time to slow down. They want the financial freedom to do the things they love, and they want to remain independent and active as long as they can.

The first set of Canada’s baby boomers turned 65 in 2011; by 2026, the number of seniors is expected to reach about 7.8 million. This means changes for the real estate industry as more boomers downsize and the number of residents living in active retirement or age-restricted lifestyle communities rises.

Anne and Bernie Bruneau have been living in one such lifestyle community since 2009. Country Meadows in Wasaga Beach, ON is a land lease community open to residents age 50 and older owned by

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