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It’s amazing how quickly our homes can start to look dated. Even if they were once the height of fashion, they can easily start to feel stuck in the past, and for many people it is enough to make them consider moving, unaware that it is simply the fact that things feel stale that is giving them such wanderlust. 

There is plenty that can be done, easily and cheaply, to make a house feel more modern though. A change of paint is always a great way to start. Finding out the colors that are currently in vogue is a great way to instantly transform a room. On top that, interesting and modern artwork and contemporary knick knacks will also instantly bring a room up to date. 

Home lighting is also a surprisingly date-specific kind of thing. Older light fittings will

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For many Canadians, holiday home décor hinges on one very special tradition: the Christmas tree. Nothing symbolizes the spirit of the season better than spruce, pine or fir branches decked out in lights, ornaments and other festive embellishments. 

According to Shelli Gardner, cofounder and CEO of crafting and décor company Stampin’ Up!, the beauty of Christmas trees is that no two are alike. People decorating a tree have endless opportunities to get inspired, she says, especially with exciting new trends to watch this year.  

“From classic decorations that have been passed down for generations, to trendy modern-day ornaments, there are countless ways to put a unique touch on a Christmas tree,” says Gardner, “it all depends on individual taste. I’m a

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When you think about cabinets, much more often than not, you think of kitchen cupboards. These are the hottest topics within the market these days simply because of their performance, significance, and versatility. However, there is much more to cabinets than kitchen area cupboards, as cabinetry encompasses all facets of house decoration. 

Cabinets are much more than just storage. They speak of one’s personality, your taste, and your sense of style. The chances are endless, but it boils down to what your choices are. In terms of style, you will find various sorts of cabinets to select from. But they’re basically subsumed into common classifications, for example framed or frameless, inventory or custom made, conventional, country, or modern fashion, made of

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Whether you have a young child who spends time at home with a babysitter, or a teen who comes home after school to an empty house, your home should be as accident- and injury-proof as possible. These precautionary measures will help ensure your children’s safety when you’re not home: 

Children of all ages – 

• Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors strategically; check their batteries regularly. 

• Invest in a fire extinguisher; instruct your caregiver or older child in its use. 

• Make sure your child or caregiver has emergency phone numbers and knows what to do if an emergency arises. 

Young children – 

• Make sure your caregiver understands the level of supervision your child requires and is CPR-certified. 

• Childproof

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This Tudor has seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, 69 windows and a historic address. It’s also listed for $1,000.

This isn’t a joke, but part of a plan in Detroit to battle one of the city’s largest problems: blight. With widespread abandonment and nearly 80,000 vacant city-owned structures, the city has begun selling nicer properties in an online housing auction designed to strengthen communities.

The Building Detroit home auction started earlier this month, and the city has already auctioned off several homes, all starting at $1,000, though bids have pushed most final prices above $30,000. Most homes, too, need extensive and costly work done to make them livable.

But the latest round of houses, released Monday, includes some real stunners, like

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(NC) - Most people carefully watch their time and money, making sure neither is wasted on unnecessary activities or expenses. In an effort to be more green and economical, why not also consider how your home’s energy is used and how to prevent it, too, from being wasted? Follow these energy-saving tips from Sally Morse, director of creative services for window treatment manufacturer Hunter Douglas, to conserve your home’s resources and your pocketbook as well:

1. Insulate common energy-loss areas

  • The fastest and most cost-effective way to reduce energy dollars is to seal air leaks. Find these energy vacuums by holding a lit incense stick on a breezy day near doors, fixtures, and windows. If the smoke travels toward the areas rather than
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There was a short article on the front page of the Windsor Star today entitled “Housing Market Sales strong in June”

Average price of homes rising

  • GRACE MACALUSO, The Windsor Star

With the average sales price on the rise, the Windsor-area’s housing market posted its strongest June sales since 2011, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.

On a seasonally unadjusted basis, residential sales last month totalled 526 — up from 497 in June 2013, said Gregory Klump, chief economist at CREA.

On a monthly basis, sales fell slightly last month compared to May 2014, however, listings also fell, creating a “tight market,” Klump said.

“Both sales and listings fell in tandem, so it’s skirting with a seller’s market. You have

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As part of the review of its mortgage loan insurance business, CMHC is discontinuing its Second Home and Self-Employed Without 3rd Party Income Validation mortgage insurance products effective May 30, 2014. Self-employed Canadians can still qualify for CMHC insured financing through CMHC homeowner products with a validation of their income using traditional methods.

“CMHC helps Canadians meet their housing needs and contributes to the stability of the housing market and finance system” said Steven Mennill, Senior Vice-President, Insurance. “As part of the review of its mortgage loan insurance business, CMHC is evaluating its products and services to ensure they are aligned with these objectives.”

As a result of changes to CMHC’s mandate to

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A great time was had by all at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Client Appreciation event this past weekend. We had an excellent turnout, with 200 clients & friends packing the theater!

Clients enjoyed an incredible performance by Spider-Man of Hero Academy for Kids and professional photos by Victoria McKinlay of Trendy Photos.

The movie was excellent (but the end really surprised me!)

The photos will be posted on our Facebook Page tomorrow. Remember to get your kids’ colouring pages in by Monday for a chance to win one of 4 gift certificates to Scholars Choice.

We also have a contest for the adults up our sleeves. Stay tuned!!!!

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A recent decision by the Ontario Superior Court in Covers v. Bumbia has significant implications for Ontario landlords when it comes to renting out apartments and condos. Paul Kondakos, president of RealtyHub, offers an insight into this ruling and implications for both parties.

A little history … it is illegal for Ontario landlords to request or accept anything more than first and last month’s rent upfront from a new tenant. If brought before the LTB (Landlord and Tenant Board), the landlord would in all likelihood be ordered to pay back the tenant anything over and above the first and last month’s rent.

Covers v. Bumbia changes the rules. Without getting into the facts of the case itself, the salient points of the decision are as follows:


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