Cassandra Messina

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Cassandra Messina

Cassandra is one of the most compassionate, caring, professional and genuine person I have ever met. I’m so excited for her to take on this chapter in her life because I have no doubt that she will own it and thrive throughout her entire career. She has all the essential characteristics needed to become a phenomenal agent and I can’t wait to see where this path takes her and all the success she will bring to her team!

Patrick R

Cassandra joins our family with over 10 years in Customer Service experience. She looks to help her clients excel while guiding them through the real estate process by educating them. She ensures they get a trusted reliable service with care. She wants to take care of everyone around her.
She is passionate about all things social media with a background in advertising and marketing.

Contact Cassandra
Office Phone 519-979-9949
Cellphone 226-773-1514