Hassan Beydoun
Hassan Beydoun
Office: (519) 979-9949
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If you’re looking for someone truly professional, understanding and genuine, Hassan is the guy you want to talk to! He’s very outgoing and well-mannered, which makes it extremely easy to discuss plans or ideas about what you’re looking for in your home. I met him long ago, and let me tell you, he’s the guy you should be looking for if you’re ready to get stuff done efficiently and professionally!


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Hassan's clients appreciate his authenticity. He believes in being truly authentic and making their lives easier through every transaction.

Hassan joins us with a background in Electromechanical engineering robotics, where he worked as a Robotics Technician for 5 years. In his free time, Hassan enjoys playing soccer, volleyball and basketball. He plays the piano and trumpet and is passionate about drawing traditionally and digitally. But most importantly, family is his number one priority.

He is able to serve his clients in English and Arabic.