Mehari Hitsan Hagos
Mehari Hitsan Hagos
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Born in Windsor and with a background as a trainer, Mehari has developed excellent communication and motivational skills over the years, which he seamlessly incorporates into his professional endeavours within the real estate landscape.  Amidst the bustling nature of the business, he recognizes the importance of a strong sense of connectedness within the community and importance of fostering an environment to grow and thrive in - making Team Goran a natural fit.

Beyond his role as a real estate agent, Mehari harbours a genuine passion for basketball, which has brought him immense joy growing up. Understanding the positive impact sports can have on impressionable young minds, Mehari envisions building a basketball gym and community centre specifically tailored to at-risk youth. Through this ambitious initiative, he aims to provide a safe and inspiring space for young individuals to grow, thrive, and discover their potential.

Mehari’s dedication, combined with his innate politeness and hardworking nature, sets him apart as a real estate agent who will stop at nothing to ensure his clients' complete satisfaction.