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Ramzy Mansour

I worked with Ramzy Mansour from Team Goran for the sale of my investment property in Windsor, ON. I had worked with Ramzy previously when he was an individual agent and can honestly say that his performance has been greatly approved by joining Team Goran with all the systems and support he his provided to enable to provide the utmost service to his clients. Team Goran did a tremendous job with customer service, marketing, and managing painting, clean up, coordinating with my tenant an getting qualified traffic through my property which resulted in a sale at almost $100,000 over asking price. I would highly recommend Team Goran and Ramzy Mansour as they follow a systematic approach to getting your home sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Being a realtor myself in British Columbia and running a team I was impressed with Team Goran. Way to go Ramzy!!

Rick Clarke

Ramzy Mansour has been a successful Realtor for approx 3 years. When he sets a goal for himself, he achieves it through hard work, attention to detail and a systematic approach to servicing his clients.
His clients appreciate his attention to deal, commitment to his clients. He takes pride in quality of work, and is tireless in his resolve to serve his clients' best interest in a real estate deal.
Ramzy speaks 3 languages: Arabic, German and English.

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Office Phone 519-979-9949
Cellphone 226-773-5106