Samreen Al-Taher
Real Estate Agent
Samreen Al-Taher
Office: (519) 979-9949
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Samreen, a long-time Windsor/Essex resident who values the family-oriented element of her community, joins Team Goran with more than ten years of interior design sales expertise and a personable, generous, and hard-working mindset.

Samreen attributes her drive and work ethic to the life lessons she learned while watching her father operate his Cuban Cigar Shop for over twenty years. This strong ambition encouraged her to recognize that she wanted to help her clients discover the right house for their family or investment, which led her to pursue a real estate career.

Samreen takes great satisfaction in transforming properties into desirable homes by harnessing her passion and experience as an interior designer. She can identify a home's defining traits and envision potential shifts in space design, as well as perceive additional alternatives in any given property. As a real estate agent, this enables her to see beyond a home's flaws or outdated décor and grasp the property's true potential, allowing potential buyers to see only opportunity.

Samreen enjoys kickboxing, spinning classes, and ice skating in her spare time, as well as traveling and meeting new people wherever she goes. Samreen, an avid explorer, spent three years in Palestine learning about her ancestry and developing a deep appreciation for the world outside of her home country. However, she also likes spending time at home with her pet bunny, Falafel, and watching the neighbourhood kids play street hockey. Or grab a lemonade from a young entrepreneur's refreshment stand.

When it comes to buying a house, Samreen wants her customers to feel at ease and fall in love, so she goes out of her way to create a family-friendly setting for them. It is because of this degree of dedication that interior designers make exceptionally good real estate agents.