Victoria Larsh
Graphic Designer
Victoria Larsh
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Victoria Larsh is the creative dynamo behind the visually stunning marketing campaigns at Team Goran. With an eye for design that captures and holds attention, Victoria's graphic genius is evident across bus stops, newspapers, social media, and even in the intimate corners of your mailbox. Her expertise not only leverages the influential RE/MAX brand but also fortifies the unique identity of Team Goran with each piece of artwork. 

Beyond her graphic flair, Victoria's spirit of collaboration is the heartbeat of the office. She's the first to extend a hand, share her knowledge, and sprinkle her creative magic wherever it's needed. Her altruistic nature and readiness to support her colleagues have cemented her as an indispensable member of the team. Not to mention, her wit and humor are like a breath of fresh air, infusing the workplace with laughter and lightness.

A proud graduate of the Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program at St. Clair College, Victoria not only excelled academically, earning the Faculty Academic Award, but also honed her skills in Web Development and Internet Applications. "The industry is a dance of dynamism," she says, "and I revel in the constant movement that keeps you on your toes." Victoria's design philosophy intertwines strategy with vision, ensuring that every creation isn't just beautiful but resonates deeply with its intended audience.

When she's not weaving her design magic, Victoria is a devoted fur and whisker mom to three cats with comically distinct personalities—Freyja, Peanut, and Belle—and her two fancy rats, Snow & DD. Her love for her furry family is matched only by her passion for the virtual world, where she enjoys streaming as a VTuber on Twitch in her free time.

Victoria Larsh is more than a designer; she's a storyteller, a team player, and a visionary, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to deliver not just designs, but experiences that speak volumes.