5 Best Towns on Lake St. Clair: Where to Live on the Lake in Essex County

Best Essex County Cities Near Lake St. Clair

Are you looking for lakefront or beach-access homes in Essex County? The best towns on Lake St. Clair boast waterfront estates that are sure to impress. Every day can feel like a vacation for the fortunate locals who call these towns home. The lake's beaches, marinas, boat clubs, and reputation for world-class fishing contribute to a unique way of life that's both leisurely and lively. 

As you embark on a journey through Lake St. Clair's waterfront towns, you'll discover a diverse array of communities, each with its own charm and appeal. From the serene tranquillity of Belle River to the dynamic and bustling eastern neighbourhoods of Windsor, the towns along Lake St. Clair—one of the best lakes near Windsor—hold treasures waiting to be discovered by anyone moving to Essex County.

Belle River

Located on the southeastern shores of Lake St. Clair, the town of Belle River is a peaceful waterfront hideaway just 31 kilometres from Downtown Windsor. There’s a long list of things to do on Lake St. Clair in Belle River. Lakeview Park boasts a beautiful sandy beach perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and a host of water sports. The Belle River Marina enhances the town's appeal to boating enthusiasts, featuring comprehensive facilities and a vibrant community. St. Clair Sailing Club further enriches the town's strong boating community, which hosts classes and communal sailing events.

The real estate market in Belle River is as inviting as its landscape, characterized by a diverse range of properties that cater to various tastes and budgets. From cozy single-family homes to luxurious waterfront properties, the market is accessible for both first-time buyers and those seeking a dream home by the lake. This demand has led to a robust and appreciative housing market, yet prices remain more affordable than larger cities on the lake. Homes for sale in Belle River may cost anywhere between $300,000 and $1.2 million. The most expensive homes are typically new construction or occupying waterfront lots, whereas affordable options are usually south of Highway 22. 

Belle River Amenities

  • Lakeview Park
  • Belle River Marina
  • Can-Am Charters
  • Belle River On the Lake BIA
  • Optimist Park


Although the city of Windsor is predominantly situated on the Detroit River, homebuyers can still find a unique living experience on the banks of Lake St. Clair. East Riverside, one of Windsor's best waterfront neighbourhoods, is strategically located at the delta of the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. This exceptional positioning allows residents of Windsor to enjoy easy access to the county's plethora of stunning beaches, renowned fishing spots, and well-equipped marinas.

Popular lakeside destinations like Sand Point Beach and Lakeview Park Marina offer endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation, including swimming, boating, and picnicking. Additionally, Kayak Cove is a favourite spot for kayakers to push off for an unforgettable journey. This blend of scenic beauty, recreational abundance, and convenient access to various waterfront amenities makes Windsor, particularly its eastern neighbourhoods, an appealing choice for those seeking a vibrant, water-oriented lifestyle on Lake St. Clair.

The lake-view homes in East Riverside rank among the most expensive in Windsor, with prices typically ranging from $900,000 to $2.1 million. These properties deliver stunning views alongside the prestige and luxury of living in one of the city's prime locations. For those seeking more affordable options within the same neighbourhood, a range of homes is priced between $500,000 and $800,000. While not directly on the lakefront, these properties still provide the benefits of East Riverside's excellent location, including proximity to water-based activities and community amenities.

Windsor Amenities

  • Lakeview Park Marina
  • Kayak Cove
  • Windsor Yacht Club
  • Little River Corridor


Tecumseh, one of the best towns in Essex County, is strategically positioned between Belle River and Windsor along the shores of Lake St. Clair. The town's Riverside Drive, a scenic route running along the community's northern edge, is lined with an array of waterfront homes that boast stunning views of the lake. This prime location places residents in the heart of Tecumseh's best amenities for lake enjoyment. 

Lakewood Park, a central attraction, is home to the inviting Lakewood Beach, a disc golf course, and numerous walking trails, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and recreation. The South Port Sailing Club provides a friendly marina life with social events and sailing races, while Urban Surf Co. caters to water sports enthusiasts with its variety of rentals, including canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. For those seeking a more upscale leisure experience, the Beach Grove Golf & Country Club provides an elegant setting with golf, curling, and family-friendly fitness amenities. 

Tecumseh comprises three distinct communities: St. Clair Beach, Oldcastle, and Fairplay, giving homebuyers plenty of choice. Luxury homes in Tecumseh, often found directly on the lake just north of Riverside Drive, command prices between $2 million and $3 million and are accompanied by breathtaking views and exclusive access to the water. Smaller single-family homes in Tecumseh range from $700,000 to $1.5 million for those seeking more modest yet still upscale living options. Tecumseh condos in the sought-after Harbour Club community come with the added perks of a private marina and a sophisticated community fitness area, listing from the $600s to more than $1 million.

Tecumseh Amenities

  • Urban Surf Co.
  • Beach Grove Golf & Country Club
  • Lakewood Park
  • Tecumseh Arena

Stoney Point

Stoney Point, a quaint town in one of the easternmost sections of Essex County, promises an ideal living environment for those seeking a peaceful community with generous access to Lake St. Clair. Its small-town charm is perfect for residents who appreciate a quieter lifestyle and ample lakefront privileges. 

One of the town's highlights is the Ruscom Shores Conservation Area, renowned for its scenic walking trails and as a haven for birding enthusiasts. Adding to the appeal of Stoney Point is the nearby Rochester Place Golf Club, a lakefront golf course offering both memberships and public tee times. Another gem is the Tremblay Beach Conservation Area, situated along the shores of Lake St. Clair and adjacent to Little Creek. This area offers trails along the shoreline and creek, providing a picturesque setting for nature walks. Swimming is prohibited due to the aquatic vegetation, but the scenery alone is well worth a visit. 

The real estate market in Stoney Point is particularly attractive for its affordability, especially in comparison to other lakefront communities in Essex County. The most luxurious waterfront homes in Stoney Point are priced around $1.1 million, significantly lower than similar properties in neighbouring areas. On average, homes in Stoney Point range between $680,000 and $1 million, presenting ample options for buyers seeking high-end lakefront living without the premium price tag. 

Stoney Point Amenities

  • Tremblay Beach Conservation Area
  • Ruscom Shores Conservation Area
  • Rochester Place Golf Club
  • Stoney Point Sportsmen's Club
  • Stoney Point Community Park

Lighthouse Cove

Lighthouse Cove, a charming community within the Municipality of Lakeshore, offers a unique and nostalgic coastal living experience on the shores of Lake St. Clair. Its namesake, a 200-year-old lighthouse, is one of the three oldest in the Great Lakes region, adding a historical and picturesque quality to the area. This community is perfect for those who appreciate a blend of history and natural beauty. The lakefront amenities, including Cove Marina, Luken Marina, and the Thames River Yacht Club, instill in the community an exciting and accessible boating culture. The Lighthouse Conservation Area is a historical landmark and a testament to the community's long-standing significance in the region.

The real estate market in Lighthouse Cove showcases sleek Essex County new construction homes with modern comforts and designs and charming, well-established houses that exude character and warmth. Homes in Lighthouse Cove are typically priced between $575,000 and $900,000, making it an accessible option for a range of homebuyers. Whether seeking a contemporary residence or a home with a bit of history, Lighthouse Cove provides an inviting market in a community that prides itself on its unique blend of historic charm and scenic lakefront living.

Lighthouse Cove Amenities

  • Cove Marina
  • Luken Marina
  • Thames River Yacht Club
  • Lighthouse Conservation Area
  • Lighthouse Cove Lions Community Park

Discover the Best Essex County Towns on Lake St. Clair 

The Essex County towns along Lake St. Clair are each uniquely appealing and deeply connected to the lake's serene beauty. From the small-town setting of Belle River and the historic allure of Lighthouse Cove to the vibrant waterfront living in Windsor's East Riverside and the peaceful seclusion of Stoney Point, these communities bring the dream of lakeside living to life. With various real estate options catering to different budgets and preferences, these towns promise a scenic backdrop and a quality of life that is hard to replicate. With so many delightful options, Lake St. Clair is undeniably one of the best locations for people looking to enjoy life on the water. 

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