7 Best Parks in Riverside: Playgrounds, Parks, & Trails

Best Parks in Riverside

The Riverside neighbourhood in Windsor, Ontario, boasts a captivating blend of serene natural landscapes and a vibrant real estate market. Nestled along the banks of the scenic Detroit River, this area offers an array of delightful parks that cater to residents seeking solace in nature. From tranquil walking trails to lush green spaces, the parks of Riverside provide a much-needed escape from the bustling urban environment. Whether visiting or moving to Windsor, park-goers can use this guide to explore the top parks in Riverside, highlighting their unique features and appeal to those with a keen eye for real estate and neighbourhood amenities.

Tranby Park

Tranby Park is in a centralized location in Windsor. It was first developed as a park in the 1960s and has been expanded over the years with additional land. It's tucked away in a nice residential neighbourhood of apartments, townhomes, and detached Windsor homes. Although there is access to the park from several residential streets in the neighbourhood, no parking is allowed. Fortunately, a large parking lot off Tranby Avenue has adequate parking.

This park has several softball fields for local games, a play unit for kids, some walking paths, and a stormwater management pond. Tranby Park has a wooded area at the south end of the park. The rail tracks mark the southern boundary of the park. This is an excellent place to walk, enjoy a softball game, or let the kids play outdoors. And while they need to remain on a leash, parks like Tranby Park are a big reason why dogs love living in Windsor!

Realtor Park

Realtor Park is only a couple of blocks west of Tranby Park. The western end of Tranby Avenue is where the eastern entrance to Realtor Park can be found. There is free street parking here. An even better option is to use the west entrance to the park, off Homedale Boulevard. A large parking lot at the west entrance is also close to the public washrooms and a pair of outdoor tennis courts.

The park is primarily used for baseball, although there are plenty of other things to do here. Maheux Field at this park is the home field of the Riverside Minor Baseball Association. There is also a multi-use field that can host football, soccer and rugby games. The outdoor splash pad is the big draw at Realtor Park during the summer months. Realtor Park also has paved walking trails, which are perfect for walking, jogging or strolling.

Farrow Riverside Miracle Park

Enjoy the Outdoors at Farrow Riverside Miracle Park

The Farrow Riverside Miracle Park is one of the newest parks in Windsor, having just opened in May of 2022. This exciting venue is always bustling with activity thanks to great facilities and many things for families to do. Miracle Field is a state-of-the-art baseball diamond. It has a rubberized surface, player benches and dugouts, accessible bleachers and shade structures. Two large parking lots on Wyandotte Street provide access to Miracle Park.

This park also has a vast, accessible, inclusive playground area for children. There are more slides, swings and climbing obstacles here than at any other park in Windsor. This park is also home to Riverside Centennial Pool, one of the nicest outdoor pools in the city. It has spray features, a "beach" entrance for tots, and a lift for persons with disabilities.

Kiwanis Park Playground

The Kiwanis Park Playground is located next to Riverside Drive East. It's close to many of the Windsor waterfront homes in Riverside that border the Detroit River. This is a simple park, but it is in an excellent location in Windsor and offers plenty of fresh air. There is free parking in the parking lot on the north side. A children's play unit is located next to the parking lot.

Kiwanis Park stretches to the south from there, where it connects to the Clairview Bikeway. There are multiple picnic tables, grassy fields, and trails to enjoy here. There's also a baseball diamond on the park's south side, near Clairview Avenue.

When visiting this park, don't forget to check out Bridges Bay Park on the opposite side of Riverside Drive. This is a simple grassy park with benches next to the river. It's a nice spot next to the water, where visitors can view the Detroit skyline and the US Coast Guard Station Belle Isle on the other side of the Detroit River.

Alexander Park

Enjoy the Outdoors at Alexander Park

Alexander Park is right next to the Detroit River near the intersection of Riverside Drive and Strabane Avenue. Some of Windsor's best condos are located on the south side of the street from the park. A gazebo in the park has excellent river views, which is perfect for small wedding parties. One of the main features at Alexander Park is its healing garden, which has a statue of George Bergeron, a former chair of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Windsor.

This park has public washrooms, walking trails, and a children's play unit close to the water. Alexander Park is even lovely to visit in the snowy months. There are often migratory birds like Canadian geese that stop by the park during the spring and fall.

Reaume Park

Reaume Park in Riverside is a major tourist attraction because of the beautiful views of the Detroit River, the gardens and the Peace Fountain. The parking lot is on the west side of the park, on the north side of the intersection of Riverside Drive and Pillette Road. Paved walking paths through the park allow visitors to view the Coventry Gardens. During the summer, the Charlie Brooks Memorial Peace Fountain shoots water 70 feet in the air and is accompanied by a nightly light show.

One of Windsor's best parks, Reaume Park has public washrooms and concessions near the parking lot entrance. Benches provide a quiet place in the shade to enjoy the river views. Reaume Park also has a fishing pier, allowing fishing during the season. The garden has vibrant flowers blooming during the summer months. The outdoor patios at the park host events like live music concerts during the summer.

Little River Park / Corridor

The Little River Park and Little River Corridor are on the east side of the Riverside neighbourhood. This park follows Little River on a north-south trajectory. The best access point to this beautiful natural area is on the west side. Simply cross the bridge on Little River Road, and it leads to a parking lot. Often mentioned among the best walking trails in Windsor, the Little River Corridor is a naturalized path between the Gennatchio Trail and Tecumseh Road.

Multiple trails run through the park, all suitable for cycling, walking, jogging, bird watching, or simply enjoying nature. Meadows in the park come alive with wildflowers blooming during the summer months. Families enjoy a children's play unit near the parking lot and a toboggan hill every winter.

Enjoy The Parks of Riverside

The Riverside neighbourhood is one of Windsor's best neighbourhoods, and this is due in no small part to its remarkable collection of parks that enhance the appeal of its real estate offerings. These picturesque green spaces provide a respite from city life and contribute to the area's overall charm and desirability. Whether one seeks a peaceful retreat or a vibrant recreational area, Riverside's parks offer an exceptional variety of options. With their proximity to the stunning Detroit River and their well-maintained amenities, these parks contribute to the allure of Riverside's real estate market, making it an ideal location for those who appreciate the harmony between nature and urban living.

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