Security Amenities To Look For When Buying A Property In A Gated Community

Security Features Gated Communities Need to HaveWhen considering buying a home in a gated community, you need to not only consider security technologies for your home but what systems are protecting the community. Gated community homes for sale are desirable for their increased security and privacy, so you should learn about how to get the best protection for your investment.​

This guide details all the essential security amenities every gated community should have. From access control systems to video cameras, you should consider multiple security systems.

The right security amenities are essential for your gated community's privacy and potential property values. Keep reading to learn about security features your gated neighbourhood can’t go without.

Touchless Access Control System

In addition to security, touchless access control systems improve the hygiene of shared entrances to a gated community.

Touchless access control systems reduce the need for people to touch door handles by using keycards and intercoms instead. If fewer people touch doors, then fewer germs and illnesses will spread. This can significantly impact people’s health and is an essential security measure in this day and age.​

Keyless Entry System

A keyless entry system is an access control system that does not use physical keys for door entry. Instead, they use keycards, key fobs, pins, and mobile credentials to verify access to the building. The best type of keyless entry system is an RFID locking system. The credentials contain an RFID tag that sends data to the reader and authorizes access based on the data.​

RFID tags allow the system to log this data and see who has accessed which facilities and when. This helps to keep track of lost or misused credentials. If an intruder steals credentials and uses them, the system will log this, and security can locate them quickly. RFID door locking systems protect shared facilities and ensure residents can use them without fear.

Door Intercom System

If you don’t want to carry a key around to access shared facilities, door intercom systems are ideal. Door intercom systems have audio and video enablements that allow security to communicate with residents when they require access.

Security can identify the user through video, and if there are any issues, they use the audio feature to speak to them. This system ensures that only authorized users can access shared facilities. Door intercom systems are great at remotely managing shared community spaces to ensure security and accessibility, making them one of the best home smart tech installations.

Video Surveillance System

Touchless access control is an essential security system. It verifies users before they enter the building and protects the gated community. But, like any security system, it has gaps. If someone steals a resident’s credentials, they can use them to enter the community, and the system will be none the wiser. If your gated community’s access control system integrates with security cameras, this won't be possible.

Integrating access control and video cameras provides dual verification of credentials. The video cameras can compare the user's identity with the image on the credentials to ensure they match. If they do not, the system can alert the security team. An integrated security system can enforce stronger protections without making life difficult for the user.

Visitor Management System

When you plan to buy a property in a gated community, consider how it treats visitors. No one wants their visitors to undergo lengthy and unnecessary security checks when simpler versions are available. It's tedious and pointless when there is an easier route. A digital visitor check-in system simplifies the visiting process while maintaining the community’s safety.

Visitors will undergo a quick screening where they enter their details and visiting intent. Security can then log their details and bring them up for future visits before providing access. Unlike traditional, manual visitor management systems, this streamlines the process for quick and secure access.

Multi-Use Credentials

Shared community facilities are one of the best parts of gated communities. Gated communities are known for their quality amenities and close-knit neighbourhoods. But if there is a key to access each amenity, it can quickly lose its appeal. Many access control systems can load one credential with access to multiple community areas for an easier life.

Whether it is a keycard, keyfob, or mobile-based credential, security can give it access to multiple areas. Instead of sifting through keys, you just have to carry your one credential to enter the pool, gym, and gated community. Life becomes more straightforward and more accessible for more residents with multi-use credentials.

The Best Security Systems Are the Ones You Don’t Notice

Enhancing security doesn’t mean living in fear; it means increased peace of mind. By opting for the most up-to-date security technologies, you can enjoy robust protection that doesn’t disrupt your laid-back lifestyle.

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