5 Things to Do on Lake Erie in Essex County ON: Fishing, Beaches, Wineries & More

Things to Do on Lake Erie in Essex County

Lake Erie, gracing the shores of Essex County, Ontario, is a magnificent destination offering various activities for water enthusiasts and nature lovers. From tranquil fishing expeditions to exhilarating water sports, the lake provides endless opportunities for enjoyment. Whether you're drawn to the serene beauty of a lakeside picnic or the thrill of exploring the waters by boat, Lake Erie has something to captivate everyone, most of which is easily accessible from Essex County’s best towns. Dive into this guide to discover the best ways to experience the charm and excitement of Lake Erie's offerings.

Explore Point Pelee National Park

Experience the wonders of nature at Point Pelee National Park, located in the Leamington community on a peninsula that extends into the waters of Lake Erie. While it’s the second-smallest national park in Canada, it’s incredibly popular and biologically diverse. Whether it's cycling, paddling, or hiking you're after, you're in for an unforgettable adventure. 

Take a stroll along the wooded trails, behold the stunning sunsets, or catch glimpses of rare birds during the spring and fall migrations. Glide through the wetlands in a canoe and marvel at the vibrant world of dragonflies, blue jays, and birds of prey. After a more active excursion, enjoy a picnic on the beach or take in the pristine winter landscape. This park has it all in every season. So don't wait—head to Point Pelee National Park and get ready to explore the wonders of nature!

Unwind at Lake Erie's Best Beaches in Essex County

Enjoy Some of Lake Erie's Best Beaches

Take a break from everyday life and relax at some of the best beaches in Essex County along the Lake Erie shores. Kingsville’s best beaches cover the full spectrum, from recreation-heavy areas to serene spots for sunbathing.

Colchester Beach is a great spot for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking, while Holiday Beach Conservation Area is a great spot for nature lovers, offering an array of wildlife and spectacular views. Point Pelee North West Beach is a great spot for swimming and beach volleyball and is perfect for those who want to stay close to the amenities of Leamington. Polish Beach Club is a great spot for swimming, beach volleyball, and picnicking.

No matter what kind of beach experience you're looking for, the beaches in Essex County’s best towns on Lake Erie can fit the bill. So grab your beach towel and sunscreen and head out to one of these beautiful beaches for a day of relaxation and fun!

Sample Erie North Shore Wineries

Sample the award-winning wines from renowned wineries like Pelee Island Winery, Colchester Ridge Estate Winery in the Harrow community, and Mastronardi Estate Winery in the town of Kingsville. Nestled along the Lake Erie shoreline, the Lake Erie North Shore appellation offers a unique opportunity to experience the best of Ontario's wineries. Thanks to its southeastern positioning and the temperate waters of Lake Erie, this area enjoys an extended growing season, which allows the grapes to reach the ideal balance between sweetness and acidity.

You can enjoy the special offerings of the region with a wine tasting at any of the region's renowned wineries. With various reds, whites, and sparkling wines, you're sure to find something to suit your palate. And with its breathtaking view of Lake Erie and the surrounding countryside, a visit to the Lake Erie North Shore is sure to make for a memorable experience.

Consider taking a guided tour of the wineries to get the most out of your visit, as there are several Essex County towns with great wineries. You'll learn about the region's history, get to sample some of the best wines the area has to offer and have the chance to purchase bottles or cases of your favourite varieties. To top off your visit, take some time to explore the local restaurants and shops, or take a stroll along the shore and take in the stunning views.

Go on a Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Enjoy Fishing on Lake Erie

Enjoy a day on Lake Erie with a fishing charter and experience the diverse array of fish species available. Not only is the lake home to some of the largest Walleye in the US, but it also features an abundance of other fish species, including Yellow Perch, Trout, Bass, and Salmon. With a fishing charter, you can explore the Central, Eastern, and Western basins of the lake and take advantage of the many fishing opportunities available.

Charters set out from a number of places in Essex County, including from the Colchester community, Kingsville, and Leamington. Your charter will provide you with all the necessary gear and expertise to make your day out on the lake a success. Their knowledgeable guides know the waters of Lake Erie like the back of their hand and can help you find the best spots for catching your favourite species. With a fishing charter, you can relax and enjoy yourself while the experts take care of everything else.

Whether you're an experienced angler looking to find that elusive trophy Walleye or a beginner fisherman out for a fun day on the lake, a fishing charter on Lake Erie is a great way to experience the lake. 

Spend a Lakeside Day in Downtown Kingsville

A huge portion of the tremendous amount of things to do in Kingsville revolves around Lake Erie. Spend a day in Kingsville and explore its lakeside attractions, from farms and vineyards to cafes and events. Situated in one of Ontario's southernmost locations, Kingsville enjoys a temperate climate and easy access to Lake Erie. Take advantage of these conditions by visiting local farms, vineyards, and greenhouses to pick up fresh produce and other goodies. 

As you explore the town, be sure to check out Kingsville Open Streets, a popular event that takes place each year in the downtown area. You can also attend the Kingsville Folk Festival, which offers live performances, food, and activities for all ages. After a day of sightseeing, relax at one of the town's many beaches, where you can enjoy the sunset over the lake. No matter how you choose to spend your time in Kingsville, you're sure to have a memorable day.

Having Fun on Lake Erie in Essex County

The shores of Lake Erie in Essex County are teeming with activities that cater to various interests, providing the southern complement to the plentiful things to do on Lake St. Clair. The lake's expansive waters and scenic surroundings create the perfect backdrop for both relaxation and adventure. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or an action-packed day, Lake Erie’s vast array of experiences ensures memorable moments for all who visit. Embracing Lake Erie's beauty and recreational options is a quintessential part of experiencing the splendour of Essex County.

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