4 Advantages of Living in a Golf Course Community

Reasons to Live in a Golf Community

Living in a golf course community is a dream for those who fall asleep putting for par on the greens. Envision waking up and finding that dream to be a reality when you live in a golf course home. Just steps away from the front door, these neighbourhoods have all of the fairways and challenges one wants.

Beyond the game itself, there are a number of benefits of living in a golf course community. From having a quiet lifestyle and the vast amenities to knowing that the property will retain its value, keep reading to take a shot at discovering four excellent reasons to invest in a golf course property.

Higher Property Values

The demand for properties in golf communities is undoubtedly on the rise, and buyers are prepared to pay top prices for these homes. While the initial investment may be higher than the average single-family structure, resale values in established locations are unsurpassable.

After all, a certain level of prestige comes with owning a home on a golf course or amid a community where one is present. According to the U.S.'s National Recreation and Parks Association, just having a view of the course can boost property values between 15-30 percent. So, buyers can only imagine what a property directly on the course might bring.

Because golf course homes tend to rise in value more than other properties, they can be attractive as investment opportunities. However, investors should keep in mind cap limitations on renter occupancies in the neighbourhood, as most community associations have limits set in place. In certain neighbourhoods, it is essential to note any age restrictions set by the association.

Extra Amenities to Enjoy

Golf is only the beginning of what living in a golf-centric community has to offer, as most of these neighbourhoods have an abundance of additional shared and common amenities. While golfing is the highlight of much of the action, these master-planned communities have plenty of planned amenities that are not centred around the sport.

Residents often have access to perks like miles of walking trails and bike paths where they can explore nature. Most golf course communities have a remarkable clubhouse that typically hosts private engagements as well as neighbourhood gatherings that promote new friendships among owners. Other amenities common in these communities include:

  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball & Pickleball Courts
  • Swimming Pools & Spas
  • Fitness Centres

But, of course, the highlight is golf, and owners are typically granted the privilege of having the first shot at tee times. This makes playing a round for practice or taking on a competitor a possibility just about any time one is ready to take a swing at things.

Quality Landscaping and Design

Golf Communities Focus on Beautiful Landscaping

In a golf course community, there is a strong focus on keeping up the landscaping on both the greens and the community as a whole. Thanks to dues from the neighbourhood association and guests, these communities are pristinely manicured and maintained.

Homes are likely to be situated around focal points that highlight the best views of the course. From sweeping views along fairways to quiet scenes at the putting grounds, there's no mistaking the effort that goes into the design of the entire neighbourhood.

As an added bonus, there is likely to be a good bit of wildlife that favours golf courses. Sand traps, trees, and water hazards seem to invite nature to make a stop for a respite from time to time. It's just another reason to make the most of the views from a golf course at home!

A Private, Quiet Lifestyle

Golf course communities tend to be quieter than others, and that is exactly what the "golf clap" was made for. Even when the action is thrilling on the course during a tournament, homeowners are unlikely to be disturbed when living course-side.

These communities tend to be sprawling, with each home having a good bit of space between them. With a neighbourhood association taking on the oversight of the course, owners will only need to tend to their personal lawn—and in some communities, the association will take care of that too. Regulations for landscaping are typically enforced stringently in golf course communities, so it's unlikely that residents will be tested by a neighbour's overgrown lawn.

Live the Golf-Enthusiast Lifestyle All Year Long

Discover what life is like in a golf-centred neighbourhood that offers some breathtaking views, vast amenities, and promotes a tight-knit community. Wake up inspired each day knowing that prime tee times could be yours whenever you choose by investing in a home in one of these remarkable communities.

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